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Like his lovely bride Carrie, Eldon was raised in Traverse City, Michigan. He and Carrie went off to college together at Ferris State University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business (Accounting). As a founding partner, Eldon is a driving force behind our mission to provide unparalleled, personalized service at Eldon J. Vincent Attorney at Law. Eldon received his Juris Doctorate from V&V (65) resize at 75Georgia State University and is licensed to practice law in the State of Michigan. Before becoming an attorney, Eldon honed his professional skills working for several C.P.A. firms in Georgia and Michigan. Also a licensed C.P.A, he is the founder of E.J. Vincent & Associates.

When Eldon isn’t working to provide excellent legal and business counsel to his clients, he actively pursues many diverse interests. An avid outdoorsman, Eldon loves to hike and kayak. Eldon and Carrie recently backpacked and camped in the rustic beauty of Isle Royale. Also an active member of the Tasters Guild, Eldon is well-versed in which wine to pair with any of Carrie’s delicious healthy meals. Any document Eldon signs is likely done with an instrument from his impressive collection of fountain pens.

Before all else, Eldon is a dedicated family man. As a father to three and grandfather to four, Eldon understands the importance of family to his clients. He founded Eldon J. Vincent Attorney at Law P.L.C. to provide peace of mind for his clients, so they can focus on what matters most.