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V&V (52) resizeCarrie was born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan where she fell in love with a trouble-maker, Eldon. She and Eldon went off to college together at Ferris State University, where she earned a degree in Child Development and Social Work. At Eldon J. Vincent Attorney at Law, Carrie keeps everyone moving in the right direction. Before that, she excelled in the early childhood field, designing, developing and managing corporate child care centers, both in Georgia and Michigan.

Carrie has worked with Eldon to build Eldon J. Vincent Attorney at Law from the very beginning. While she loves the work, and working with Eldon, there have been growing pains at times. In fact, Carrie once quit and was fired by Eldon… on the same day! But the water calmed and the sailing has been smooth ever since. They truly make a great team.

Carrie’s family means the world to her. She has three children and four grandchildren. When she is not doting on them, she spends her time cooking healthy meals or enjoying the great outdoors.